Occasional Choir 2nd October 2018 £3 pp

Group singing session in North Cave - open to everyone.

An informal hour of singing for fun! 

Occasional Choir has been set up for adults and anyone who want to enjoy the fun and benefits of group singing without the pressures of weekly commitment, auditions or public performances. It is a wellbeing project to be enjoyed by all. The Occasional Choir is exactly that, occasionally we meet up and sing! At the moment it costs £3 per person to cover running costs. Songs will be posted on this site so that you can have a practise before O.C. 

Scroll down to see what we have been singing and what we plan to sing this month.


Would you like to sing with us?

The next Occasional Choir will be 7pm on

Tuesday 2nd October

North Cave village hall. 


North Cave.

North Cave, East Riding of Yorkshire, England, United Kingdom

07572 169215


7pm to 8pm


Well who doesn't already have a singalong to this every once in a while.

I can't help falling with you

Our very first Elvis piece.

Walking On sunshine

I think we need a bit of sunshine!! 

Are we dancer

A great piece for group singing.

Will you still love me tomorrow

Plenty of "Oooh's and Aaah's" for us here.

Some Enchanted Evening

As requested we will be singing a traditional musical ballad. Ladies we will be an octave above this melody so don't panic.  

Greatest Day

As requested, one for the "Thatters". 

Manic Monday

Bangles-Manic Monday

Uptown Girl

I simply couldn't resist this one. Deep breath everyone.


Give A Little Bit

We'll rehearse this again as it went down very well, and sounded excellent. Maybe add some harmonies to the verses (if you're feeling brave).

Joy - Will Young

Uplifting and easy. Feel free to add harmonies to the chorus.